Encore has won a coveted national sustainability award for its groundbreaking invention that uses air conditioning condensate to flush the toilet.

Encore won the Sustainability Product Innovation of the Year category in the edie Sustainability Leaders Awards.

Held at the London Hilton on Park Lane, Encore impressed judges with its innovation that virtually eliminates the need to use mains water when flushing the toilet.

Encore also allows builders, architects, consultants and specifiers to secure two extra BREEAM credits and LEED points for the first time.

Encore Director, David Davis, said: “Winning an award as prestigious as this demonstrates how innovative our product is and how simply businesses can save water.

“There is a global water crisis which is close to breaking point as seen with Cape Town approaching ‘day zero’ when toilets and taps will run dry.

“We can play a big part helping to save water and reduce waste.

“For example, by installing Encore instead of traditional cisterns the 114 UK hotels currently being built would save 218m litres of water a year while the 1,477 US hotels would save 4.7 billion annually.

“All buildings need toilets so why wouldn’t you use a cistern that recycles a free, sustainable water source?

“Hopefully this award win will help spread the message about Encore and it becomes used ‘as standard’ given it can be installed in new builds and retrofitted.”

Editor of edie, Luke Nicholls, said: “During these times of uncertainty, challenge and controversy, it is crucial that we tell our sustainability success stories to more people, louder and prouder than ever before.

“A greener economy can deliver, clean technologies can work, and sustainability and profitability can go hand-in-hand – as evidenced by all of our 2018 Sustainability Leaders Awards.”

This year’s edie awards saw a record-breaking number of entries with other winners including O2, Virgin Atlantic, Co-op with The Crown Estate, Royal Mail and UBS.